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Yes, I’ve not posted any thing for over a year. It’s not because I didn’t want to. Rather, it was the lack of real time and motivation to do so.

The past year has been full of work during graveyard, time with the family in the afternoon, and a loss of family friends. It’s been one big roller coaster, and over the past year I’m amazed at what has happened and what has not.

Now that things have settled down, my goal is to have at least one post per week, however this may not come to fruition. Bare in mind, that I am still here, and will try to update this thing as I can.

Thanks for stopping by anyway. :)

Here piggy piggy….

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OK, so it’s not so much a pig as it is a ham…Ham Radio. It is a Yaesu VX-7RB, quad-band (6m, 2m, 1.25m, and 70cm) transceiver. I’ve been out of ham radio for a while, so I went and picked up a new one.

The whole story started just a few weeks ago. At times during work, I like to listen to the radio, whether it’s AM or FM, so I started looking at pocket radios. Before I got serious though, we had a nasty storm here, and I didn’t have access to the weather bands, or local stations. The more I looked, the more I wanted to listen to HF as well. I ended up deciding on a VR-500 receiver from Yaesu. It has full receive from about 1kHz to 1GHz, with AM, FM, SSB, etc…a fully mode capable receiver. The more I read, the more folks had good things to say, except for one. This person said that for about 50 bucks more, I could buy a QUAD band transmitter, that has full AM/FM receive from 5kHz to 1GHz. Well, this covered me for all of my shortwave and HF listening (minus code and SSB), aircraft and military UHF/VHF, plus whatever else is up above…AND it gives me transmit abilities for 6m, 2m and 70cm. (1.25 is pretty much dead, and this limits me to 1/3 watt there anyway.)

Since getting this bad boy, I’ve got most of the local 2m and 70cm repeaters saved plus a few other frequencies of notice…weather, police, the local airport tower, etc. But it also did one more thing…it sparked my interest in Ham Radio once again.

I already have plans for my next rig…a mobile HF/VHF/UHF all in one rig that does all modes on all amateur bands, with full 3kHz to 1GHz receive in all modes…Now I just need to upgrade my ticket to General so I can really use the rig. lol

Cellular city

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imageOK, a few months back, I was in the blackberry world using a Curve 8330. I’d waited long enough for 5.0 to release, and my wife was due her upgrade, so I went to Sprint to see what was available.

ANDROID WAS HERE!! I’d completely forgotten. They had the Hero, and the Moment. Both were using 1.5, the Hero had Sense UI, but the Moment had a keyboard, an AMOLED display, and a faster processor. I chose the better hardware.

Over the next few months, I played with my device. It seems that Samsung has a hardware issue as this device goes into a CDMA lockup on occasion, warranting a reboot. Lately it’s gotten worse, probably from my constant data use.

About 3 weeks ago, the 2.1 software leaked to the SDX website, and like most nerds I tried it out. Besides having the same CDMA lockups, and losing tons of battery life, the system was really nice. Because of it being a leak, it was nowhere production ready, but the folks at SDX tweaked the ROM to allow somewhat better battery life, root access, and live wallpapers. But because the battery life was still nowhere near par, I decided to go back to a hacked 1.5 ROM that gives me almost a day of juice, root access and more options to play with. Now it runs very smoothly, but when it locks up I have to reboot several times.

2.1 should’ve been out months ago for this phone (after the 2.1 OS was released), but Sprint and Samsung have taken their time compiling it for this device. It will be the last Samsung android phone I buy.

Since I am due for my yearly upgrade, I plan to get the HTC EVO. They seem to take a little bit better care of their customer base, and at least the hardware works like it’s supposed to. More than I can say for Samsung.

Gotta love overtime!

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Ok, so…over the past few months I’ve been frantically working on an Air Force base…doing a job that I’ve been trying to get before I left the AF…the flightline.

I started back in December, 3 months after I lost connection to the outside world via the internet. In January, we moved to a town about an hour away from family and 15 minutes from work. It took about a week to get everything in order because I was on overtime right away…just a few hours, but it was still overtime. Plus it is working on an awesome jet, doing a job I’ve been wanting to do.

After that, we got our tax return, paid some bills, bought some stuff…and have been in a great position since. Benefits, insurance, a home…good stuff.

The only deal, and it’s starting to get a little old, it the amount of overtime I have. Although it seems I am complaining, I really can’t. I don’t have a choice…I work, or I go unemployed again. And since I’ve witnessed first-hand the anxiety, confusion, self-doubt, and annihilation that unemployment brings to one’s soul, I am NOT doing it again. Therefore I accept the job that will be my career for a LONG time. I’m not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. ;) Besides, 30+ hours of overtime leads to quite a big check. However, I don’t get to spend time with the family nearly as much as I want, but the extra pay makes it easier to do things when happen to be together.

Now, if I could figure out how to make my retirement fund work properly. Lol

The Hiatus is over!!!

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Don’t worry…I’m still here. I’ve been through a BIG transition from the military to civilian. I’ve been through a couple of jobs, but now I’m working for the Air Force again, and as a civilian.

I’ve had a few changes to my location, computers, tech, games, etc., so over the next few weeks I’ll have MUCH to talk about, so hang around.

Backup Screen of Death

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Bsod_ntNeedless to say, I’ve had some SERIOUS problems lately.

If you’ve been following me at all over the past few months…I’ve been hitting Vista, OSX, and Ubuntu. Well…over the past few weeks I’ve been having issues, and it all came to a head last night.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some odd problems in each OS, and I didn’t have a good storage partition set up yet. Yes I know…stupid rookie mistake. ALWAYS keep a backup partition, or external hiard drive handy for such an occasion.

Anyway, last night I tried to remove Ubuntu to make space for Vista’s backup files, but I made the mistake of not doing it from within Windows.

The “proper” way to remove a linux installation is to run the Windows disk from CD, and repair the Master Boot Record (mbr) so that the Linux bootloader is overwritten. Afterwards, Log into windows and use the Disk Management panel to remove/rename the linux partition and away you go. I didn’t do this…

I ended up removing the linux partitions and resizing using a LiveCD before fixing the mbr. Fail.

The Vista 32, 64 and Windows 7 disks could NOT find the broken Vista partition. Every bit of data lost. Music, pictures, videos, my scanned military records, VA stuff, resumes…all lost. That will be the LAST time I do crap like that.

If you are thinking of every reloading your computer, or trying a new OS…BACK UP!

From now on, 1/3 of my disk is for my main storage of documents, videos, pics, music, etc. I did this in the past, and for some odd reason I stopped doing it. Why? The world may never know…

If you haven’t seen it…

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Go rent the movie: TRON

If you HAVE seen it…

go HERE and await your destiny. You will NOT be disappointed.