WoW boredom

Boredom sucks. I have a 70 lock, 64 hunter, 52 druid and 22 shaman…and I’m bored with ALL of them.

What about PVP? I transferred from a PVP server to a “care-bear” server to get away from it.
If you are not in the “know” on this EXTREMELY addictive game, on PVP servers, all players are flagged for player-vs-player combat when in a contested area, or in an area that is hostile to your faction (alliance or horde). When a person gets flagged for the first time in a contested area at level 20 or so, a level 70 player from the opposing faction can come and “gank” you, effectively ruining your quests, making you run back to your corpse to continue grinding for experience points…unless thay camp your corpse, at which time you can resurrect and run, or just wait out that player and hope they get bored waiting for you to rez.
On the other hand are Normal “care-bear” servers in which a player does not get flagged in contested areas. This prevents ganking, and allows one to quest at their own pace without the fear of wasted time from corpse camping. However, they DO get flagged in the opposing faction’s cities though, but this rarely happens unless folks get together to raid an opposing faction city.

Anyway, I transferred to a normal server to enjoy questing, but since I transferred, the questing has gotten too repetitive. I like to quest with my friends, but lately we are all on a low point in our WoW playing, so the boredom ensues…


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