All your base….

YAY…the weekend has been saved. Got notified that we will NOT be working this weekend, so now it’s time to get my WoW on, but first, a story….

A couple of months back…I had my shoulder surgery. Thinking it would be like last time, I would be able to type on the computer, or play games. I was WAY off. I could barely move my arm at all, and the Laz-E-Boy became a permanent fixture to my backside.

Anyhoo, I left my WoW account open so I could dance the 1-finger tango and still type to my friends. Due to the drugs I was on, this wasn’t the foremost thing on my mind, and I ended up not logging in for about 3 weeks.

When I did log in, I found that my level 70 warlock was missing. What the hell? Where did ALL of my toons go? I had several alternate characters on my home server, and all but 2 were missing. I back out of the character screen to view what realms were active, and I see one that was not familiar to me. I log in, and what I see next was disturbing to say the least…a NAKED warlock.

When I log in I found myself standing next to a mailbox…naked. No gear, no weapons. Bags? Empty. Bank? Empty. No guild affiliation, no friends.

I realized at that point, my account had been hacked, transferred to a NORMAL (Player vs Environment…PVE) server, and everything I had “sharded.”

“Sharding”, is an Enchanter’s talent that allows one to disenchant all green (and up) items/gear that are worth something. The act of disenchanting, destroys the item, and gives the disenchanter the materials to enchant stuff with magical powers. Generally, the higher quality an item (green -> blue -> purple) the higher quality materials you get from the sharding, thus more money made in the Auction House.

After calming down, and noticing that all of my toons except the two mention above, and my warlock were deleted, I contacted a GM (game master.) They took about a week, but found that someone had indeed hacked my account, used a pre-paid credit card to transfer my toon (you can transfer only 1 way…PVP to PVE, you cannot go the other way…causing even more grief) and disenchanted my existing gear. They then mailed everything I had through 3 level 1 toons before landing on a banned account. The banned account owner was probably getting close to being unbanned, and Blizzard ended up deleting that persons account totally. Evidentially, I was not the only account hacked by this person.

After this week, I was notified that they have restored much of what I had, but some things were lost and I would have to work for them again. I can’t even remember what it was that I lost, but it probably wasn’t very important.

Needless to say, my password was changed, and ALL add-ons were verified and downloaded from trustworthy sources. I still wonder why the dude had to delete all but two of may alternates though. Guess it was his way of screwing with me.

Yes, it’s just a game. Yes, there is no real-world value to show for all that time. But you know what…it’s a fun game that I play with a lot of my friends when I’m bored.

Now…time for the Outlands!!!!!


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