Patch Tuesdays….

Patch Tuesdays are wonderful. Oh, if you DON’T play WoW, Tuesdays are when the servers get updated, and today is the date that patch 2.4 comes out. Yes, another patch, but this one adds a new instance, new gear, new quests, blah, blah, blah…it’s new content.

A friend of mine has noticed that his guild needed more casters for damage, and I got invited…right after I got keyed for Karazhan. That night, they invited me to a 25-man raid of Doom Lord Kazzak, and I had fun. The only problem that came up was the realization that I was not geared well enough for raids, so that friend successfully brought back the spark that had me interested in my Warlock, and back to questing for gear I went.

In addition to the quests, he made me start searching for gear-related stuff so I could figure out which way to go as far as damage. One place I found was called Be Imba.

This site takes information from the WoW Armory, and rates each gear item, enchant and gem, and gives you a score based on that gear. It also can tell what may be mis-enchanted and/or gemmed wrong based on your class, and what is wrong about it. Not too shabby. At the bottom, it also has a nice raid meter. Although the meter may not be too accurate, it does give you an idea of where you could be gathering your gear.

In the picture above, the red bar means that my gear is from that part of the meter…quests, rep rewards, etc…and the blue bar shows that I am now at the low end for being able to go to Karazhan. Low…but able. Good thing I got the Key.


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