Hacking SUCKS!

Well…another friend had his account hacked. He was on leave for a couple of weeks working on a few of his characters. He decided to have one of the power-leveled… A.K.A. Pay to have his toon leveled for him.

Well, he kept getting e-mails from the company saying that he needed to change his password back, and he had no idea what was going on. A mutual friend saw him popping on and off the toon several times this past weekend, but didn’t think anything of it.

Sunday evening my friend logged on to find his decently well-geared Warlock sitting at the mailbox…naked. Damn-near everything he owned, lost. All but his PvP gear was missing. The deal with PvP gear, is that it cannot be sold, or disenchanted…only destroyed, which they did to one piece only.

His prior-hack gear rating, via be.imba.hu was approximately a 147…able to easily go to Karazhan, and on the verge of going to Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon. Now…well…lets just say he can’t even quest in the Outlands. Yeah…that bad.

I know it’s a game, but like I stated earlier, it is time well spent with friends, and yes, there are other things to do, but to see someone get all of his work lost in days is unnerving.

Just don’t ask why he paid to have his toon power-leveled…or should I say, paid to have his toon hacked….

Next time, take the advice…it’s dangerous to go alone without it.


Another friend had his account hacked.

Supposedly, he was about lvl 53, and paid some company to have his toon brought to 60. This was to take 3 days, but 5 days later he logged in and everything he owned was sold (including 2 70s), 3 new toons were created, and they were naked as well.

After about 4 days of investigation, they were able to give him replacement gear, appropriate gold for each toon (about 1200 total), and he was back in business. Although Blizz never found out he was paying for leveling (bannable offense from their EULA), he did learn his lesson about power-leveling:

It’s not worth it.


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