I went to my knee doctor yesterday and told him the story since he last saw me in January, and he said that I DO have Patello-Femoral Syndrome.

Without getting technical, it is a non-specific pain in, around, or under the kneecap. It can be caused by a hard fall on the knees, repetitive movements (squatting, running), or genetics, usually resulting in a mis-alignment between the point on the underside of the kneecap, and the saddle of the Femur.

His recommendation was one of two options:

1.) Deal with the pain

2.) have surgery to release the pressure the patella puts on my kneecap.

Since I am separating from the military at the end of this year, I chose option 2 because I don’t know what kind of insurance I will have with my next job, or whether that insurance company will even cover this injury.

I had surgery last year for this same problem, but the only thing that doctor did was remove some tissue that looked like it was hanging, and that was it. This doctor is not only reducing the pressure my kneecap puts on my Femur by lengthening a tendon on the outside of my knee, but he is also going to clean up the underside of my kneecap, and look for anything that may be causing the “hanging” my knee does at times.

For now, it should be a simple surgery, and I should be back to work in about 2 weeks.


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