Makin out like GANGBUSTERS!!!!

Last night was my first FULL Karazhan run, and MAN WAS IT FUN!!!

The whole shebang started around 9:30pm. Group fell apart, so we got invited to a better group, one that was made up by the #7 guild on the server for alliance.

4 hours later, I walked out with 4 epic pieces of gear, 4 Void Crystals, and 5 Shards. Bringing my damage and hit rating to an all-time high for me. I’m DEFINATELY becoming a Shadow-Mage now.

The funny thing about the group, was that I was top on the damage-meters for DPS the entire time, and only at the VERY end did I get beat by a shaman for entire-instance damage…2236. That’s ONE Shadow Bolt worth of damage. I can’t wait until I get over 1000 damage and 200+ hit rating…


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