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Command & Conquer 3

Posted in Computers / Tech, General on May 27, 2008 by camarojones

I now have a new game…Command & Conquer. What a difference from the normal RPG, or FPS.

The whole RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre is completely new to me. Well, not completely. I have played StarCraft, and am currently running through Warcraft 3 at the moment, but a friend brought his laptop to work a few nights ago and showed me this game, and I was interested.

The whole “Build a base and defend/attack, gather resources” is still kind ofnew to me as it’s been years since StarCraft, but I’m slowly getting used to it. As long as it gives me some time to think it’s not so bad, but this last mission kept me busy without time to think. I ended up just taking my guys and ran in, guns blazing, to commit suicide, and I ended up winning!

The point of these type of games is to build your army, keep it sustained, and gather the resources necessary to support your troops and fund your efforts to defend against attacks AND attack the specified targets required to complete the mission. It DEFINATELY keeps me on my toes.

I Think You’ve Been Cheated!!!!

Posted in General on May 27, 2008 by camarojones

Well…another race, another 2 laps to go, another blown tire!

Tony Stewart had a 5-second lead over Kasey Kahne for the Coca-Cola 600 win, and his right-front tire blew. Some say that this blown tire was bad Karma due to Tony’s comments a few weeks ago about how bad the Good-Year tires were. Honestly, it was an old 60 or so mile tire on a medium sized track. No Karma, old tire. That’s it.

Congrats to Kasey for winning, but it should’ve been Tony’s.

Other than that…the weekend was great. Went to Oklahoma to visit family. Dropped Anthony off with the grandparents’ for the summer (gonna miss him), and spend some time with some friends. I just hate driving 6 hours, then going to work that night. :)

Iron Man

Posted in General on May 18, 2008 by camarojones

Iron Man….

Took Anthony to see it today, and WAS NOT disappointed. I think of all the Marvel Comics movies, I personally like this one the best. It sticks to the original story, has a great plot-line, and I never felt bored watching it.

I will admit to seeing bits and pieces of it, and reading up on the history of Tony Stark before I went to see the movie, so I did have a somewhat high expectation of the movie (like how the Harry Potter movies have books to live up to). Even because of the expectation, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the plot worked. It was seamless and…just…perfect.

I have found a few hiccups in movies from books, stories, comics, but so far I was only able to find out that… <no spoilers> …ended up… <no spoilers> …and was… <no spoilers> …before a second movie could be made. Oh well. This actually accelerated the story without rushing it, and made for a MUCH better experience than an original ending.

I will DEFINATELY be buying this one as my first Blu-Ray title (when we can scrounge the cash for a player (NOT ps3), and may even go see it again in the theaters a couple more times…at least until the sequels come out.


Posted in General on May 9, 2008 by camarojones

It’s that time of the year again… For summer movies, and summer picnics, and…..

Cars don’t cry!

Posted in Vehicles on May 9, 2008 by camarojones

Ah yes…the car was crying. The radiator went out finally. Spent less than an hour changing it out and now it’s all better. I could’ve just bought some stop-leak from the parts store, but I really didn’t want to wait for the next leak to show up at a bad time.

The one thing I found odd was the amount of dead insects clogging the area between the a/c condenser and the radiator. Must’ve been the reason the thermostat went out in the first place. At least with a new radiator, there is one less thing to worry about now.

The Heli is HERE!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Radio Control on May 4, 2008 by camarojones

Well…yesterday was 1 week from surgery. So far, I am on my feet. The doctor gave me the go-ahead to start walking…a LOT! I still have some pain issues if I walk a lot, and since he is now having me do knee bends, the pain is starting to come back. Another week and I’ll be good to go back to work. But until then…

Yes…it is red. Yes…it is silver. Yes, it runs like a dog on fire and hovers like a dream! Much better than the upgraded King I had.

This one is called a BlackHawk 450v3. It is a basic 450-sized heli (mini) like a T-rex, CopterX, Dragonus, etc…meaning that if anything breaks, I can replace it with ANY 450 part. Servos, tailboom, head, canopy…all interchangeable. The King, is considered a 300-sized (micro) heli. Originally, these numbers we based on the size/strength of the motor, but instead have started being the size.

It is about 5-6″ longer than my King, and a little bit heavier, probably due to the larger aluminum parts over the plastic parts on the King.

The only issues I have had so far (with ANY new heli):

1.) The fail servo control link got caught on a guide and broke. (replaced with the one from my king)

2.) The head needed a small bit more pitch to hover easier.

3.) The motor and ESC get a bit warm, so I’ll probably replace them with the Danlions parts off the King.

So far, I’ve burned through both of my batteries getting it to how I like to fly, but over the next few days I should have it set up more to my liking, AND with the stronger motor too. Just hope I don’t kill this one.