Iron Man

Iron Man….

Took Anthony to see it today, and WAS NOT disappointed. I think of all the Marvel Comics movies, I personally like this one the best. It sticks to the original story, has a great plot-line, and I never felt bored watching it.

I will admit to seeing bits and pieces of it, and reading up on the history of Tony Stark before I went to see the movie, so I did have a somewhat high expectation of the movie (like how the Harry Potter movies have books to live up to). Even because of the expectation, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the plot worked. It was seamless and…just…perfect.

I have found a few hiccups in movies from books, stories, comics, but so far I was only able to find out that… <no spoilers> …ended up… <no spoilers> …and was… <no spoilers> …before a second movie could be made. Oh well. This actually accelerated the story without rushing it, and made for a MUCH better experience than an original ending.

I will DEFINATELY be buying this one as my first Blu-Ray title (when we can scrounge the cash for a player (NOT ps3), and may even go see it again in the theaters a couple more times…at least until the sequels come out.


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