Command & Conquer 3

I now have a new game…Command & Conquer. What a difference from the normal RPG, or FPS.

The whole RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre is completely new to me. Well, not completely. I have played StarCraft, and am currently running through Warcraft 3 at the moment, but a friend brought his laptop to work a few nights ago and showed me this game, and I was interested.

The whole “Build a base and defend/attack, gather resources” is still kind ofnew to me as it’s been years since StarCraft, but I’m slowly getting used to it. As long as it gives me some time to think it’s not so bad, but this last mission kept me busy without time to think. I ended up just taking my guys and ran in, guns blazing, to commit suicide, and I ended up winning!

The point of these type of games is to build your army, keep it sustained, and gather the resources necessary to support your troops and fund your efforts to defend against attacks AND attack the specified targets required to complete the mission. It DEFINATELY keeps me on my toes.


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