If you didn’t already know, I am separating in mid November. My 11 years have been fine and dandy, and as much as I would like to finish it out and retire, due to my shoulder and knee surgeries (and the upper base management being…odd) I am semi-forced to back out of service. Not a bad deal, I can use 10 of the 11 years for seniority in a Civil Service job, so theres some good in it all.

AnyHoo…today I got notified that I was selected to go on a PCS…to Kunsan Korea. The report date is January 09, yet I find it funny. I’ve got folks setting me up with separation briefings, but they still think I can go to Korea. LOL

Honestly, if this were 3 years ago…maybe 4, I would’ve probably jumped at the chance. It is an F-16 base (back to the good old F-16 world), but practically on the border with N. Korea. From what I hear though, folks tended to like it over there (The Wolf Pack), although most of those folks are single. With a wife and kid, my decision to spend more time helping Lisa get her Pharmacy Tech qualification for her future seems justified. Therefore I’ll be denying them.

The deal with denying orders…I become ineligible for promotion, PCS, and extension/reenlistment if I change my mine. And, if I decide to come back to the military, I cannot use my time for a prior-service benefit. My choice was made months ago, but this seals the deal. I’m out for sure.


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