The Ubuntu 8.04 try-out

Well, I took the plunge to Ubuntu again. This time, it is the 8.04 Hardy Heron version. Not bad so far!

I did the normal stuff: download, burn, install… yuck. I never really liked the whole tan/brown thing. Good thing Gnome allows theme changes easily.

After the initial install, I went to as I usually do, and followed that guide on the new parts fo Ubuntu that I’ve missed since 7.04

After all the program changes, I started back to work on Compiz (merged with Beryl last year.) OH…They changed the menu item for turning on the advanced 3d stuff for video cards. It is now under System > Preferences > Appearance…Visual Effects Tab.

Rotating Cube….check.

New window views….check.

Wobbly windows….check.

Turn off the sticky windows….turn off sticky windows….TURN OFF THE DAMN STICKY WINDOWS!!!! RAWR!!! For some reason, I can uncheck the mark, and it stops, but as soon as I close the window, they stick again. I check the setting…unchecked. Oh well, guess I’ll have to turn in a bug report on that one.

Other than that, it feels just like it used to. Comfortable, relaxing, Firefox hasn’t crashed yet (even though they default to the new FF3 beta.) The only thing is not being able to manually turn on my laptop fan, or throttle down the CPU. I’m still looking for that one. But until then I have to be careful…the thing is VERY hot right now as i type this.

Update 1 day later:

OK, I found a program called gkrellm that works pretty well. it does require the use of i8kutils, but it gives me a nice little window that is movable to anywhere I want it, and from it I can manually control my fans, or allow automatic control based on MY personal preferences. I like a cool computer, so my fan is usually on. Anyway, in addition to fan control, it also shows cpu loads, temps, memory usage, ethernet usage, times, dates, uptime…the list goes on and on.

After getting the system how I like it, now I’m on the prowl for games and software to keep me from going back to windows. I’m trying out Dofus, a free MMO that I’ve seen many folks recommend, and currently trying to get S.C.O.U.R.G.E. compiled and installed, but the main website is down and I can’t get it to compile.

If any one does read this, and has any recommendations for RPGs, RTSs, FPSs, or any alternate to a mainstream game, let me know.


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