How About a Nice Cup of…….

Some folks don’t know how to keep their traps shut.

A guy runs a business. I order from him. Other folks order from him. None of us has a problem with the guy OR his business.

There is now a guy who has a problem getting an order filled. He orders parts for a heli and after 1 week he gets nothing. 2 weeks, nothing. 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks and he still doesn’t have anything. He paid, why doesn’t he have his parts?

The story from this guy, is that around week 2, he called the business, and the guy said he will send his parts. After another week, the guy calls again to ask where his parts are, and they still haven’t been sent. Hmmm. He does this 3 more times (weeks 4-6) and THEN decides to go to another company. Not after the 2nd call…the 6th!

Yes, the business fouled up. 1 guy…1 order…MANY mistakes. OK. deal with it and move on.

NO…the guy decides to whine, cry, bitch and moan to the world via YouTube saying how the business sucks, the guy running the business sucks, and he wants everyone in the world to send the business hate mail. How mature is this? The business made a mistake (shame on them), but it took 6 WEEKS for the guy to move on and order from someone else (shame on him.)

For the record, the business is still going strong. His 100+ customers are still getting more folks to buy from him, and I will still buy from him.

Some folks just need to STFU and think before they make themselves look like idiots.


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