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New Phones ROCK!!!

Posted in General on July 17, 2008 by camarojones

Yay…a new phone, and a new 2-yr contract. Oh well…who doesn’t have a contract for a phone?

Last year, we outright bought our phones, yet here a year later we got new ones. The lesson learned? Regardless of the phone, you’re going to be paying the same for service. Buy the big one, or get a freebie. Either way you do it, you’re going to be living with it for at least a year, so you may as well enjoy it.

My wife likes the simple ones, and we bought her an LG LX160. She loves it. I got the LG Rumor for it’s keyboard. Makes it MUCH easier for the internet, PLUS our unlimited data/text plan is used quite a bit.

On a WoW note, while I was away, the guild had a falling out and a lot of good people left. Some of them stayed behind, but are playing alts for the time being, while others left WoW until further notice. Myself, I tried going back to my other characters, but they were boring, so I made a new Priest. Fun fun.

Drugs for an addict?

Posted in WoW on July 6, 2008 by camarojones

Well…back to WoW we go. The month off was nice, but the boredom from already doing it all was worse. Besides, I’ve got some friends that have been looking for me there. :)

Someone mentioned that WoW is like Everquest (Ever-crack). An addicting, self-indulgent videogame where one can be what they want, and how folks have wasted away playing it. Well., if that’s true, I’m about to give drugs to a person in rehab!