New Phones ROCK!!!

Yay…a new phone, and a new 2-yr contract. Oh well…who doesn’t have a contract for a phone?

Last year, we outright bought our phones, yet here a year later we got new ones. The lesson learned? Regardless of the phone, you’re going to be paying the same for service. Buy the big one, or get a freebie. Either way you do it, you’re going to be living with it for at least a year, so you may as well enjoy it.

My wife likes the simple ones, and we bought her an LG LX160. She loves it. I got the LG Rumor for it’s keyboard. Makes it MUCH easier for the internet, PLUS our unlimited data/text plan is used quite a bit.

On a WoW note, while I was away, the guild had a falling out and a lot of good people left. Some of them stayed behind, but are playing alts for the time being, while others left WoW until further notice. Myself, I tried going back to my other characters, but they were boring, so I made a new Priest. Fun fun.


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