Type de famille

Well…got a new set of DVDs. The Family Guy Freakin’ Party Pack.

This box includes Season’s 1-5 (volumes 1-5) plus the “Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story” DVD. It also includes deleted scenes (some of which are HILARIOUS) and the usual commentary. So far, it’s been a great buy…definately worth the money.

On other stuff, I’ve got my resume up at several jobs. I haven’t heard anything yet, but i know it does take time. I’ve also put my name in at Bradley Morris, a company that helps military find jobs after separation/retirement.

I’ve flown the heli only 1 time in the last month. I would like to fly more, but I’ve been too busy during my normal fly times that I just haven’t gotten to it. Although, the last time I went to the field, I got to fly a .50 nitro heli. What a RUSH! Just hearing those 700mm blades spin up was a thrill. Flying it…well….Lisa is making me save my money. lol

Anthony is about ready to start school. 2 more weeks, and we all can’t wait. He can enjoy being with his friends again, and we are ready to have a break during the day. :)


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