At least it wasn’t a fire!

Well…I was using the Laptop this morning, and all of a sudden it went out.

“OK…so I need to charge it.”

I plugged it in, and then I noticed a little red flashing thingy. The type of flashing thingy that REALLY gets your attention.

“What the hell is this? Why is my battery light flashing red at me?!”

And so began my end-of-day disappointment. Supposedly, and unknown at the time of purchase, Dell has been sending out crappy batteries with their Inspiron E1505 laptops. They are an 85Wh Li-Ion battery that usually last about 3 hours on a full charge. Usually…because over the past month I’ve been running to the power plug every chance I get. During my last 1 1/2 years of ownership, I’ve only used the mobility very little, but lately I’ve been taking it outside, to work, to bed, etc, and the run-time from 100% to hibernation shutdown was around 10 minutes.

Today, I get the notification from the laptop, that the battery is dead. And not just dead, but DEAD DEAD! It’s been at 7% and charging for over 2 hours now, and if i even THINK of pulling the plug, it just shuts off. No hibernation, not 2-3 seconds of use…INSTANT OFF.

I look online and to my amazement, EVERYONE with the laptop has had this issue. 90% of the time it is about 1.5 years after purchase. The other 10% has 9.9% that are lucky and are still warrantied, and 0.1% that it hasn’t happened to at all.

So…should I purchase a new battery? Let’s see.

There’s the new battery link. $299.99!!! You have to be <insert expletive> kidding me!!!! 300 bucks for a POS battery?!?! And even worse, it gets a 1.7 our of 5 rating because of the TERRIBLE life! WOW!!! Maybe I can find an off-brand one. Nope. They don’t exist. I shell out $300, or gut this one and make the laptop lighter.

Looks like it’s time to break out the tools…..


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