Boredom FTL

Well…it’s been about a month since I’ve flown. It seems that every time I want to fly, I get everything ready then I just sit there and look at it.

Nice pretty red canopy. White blades. Metal rotor head. Shiny tail box. Aluminum everywhere. It looks more like a flying metal version of a plastic model car. It looks KILLER. But for now all it does is sit there. I got bored with it.

I would’ve flown it last weekend, but I was too busy replacing my cable modem and pulling out the old PC speakers to replace the stuff that the lightning blew up on Friday morning. Plus, it was still raining. This weekend, however, is slated to be clear and rain-free.

Hopefully, I’ll get past my personal wall and actually start flying the thing around. Yes, I can fly it up and out and pirouette it, but honestly I’m tired of hovering. I can fly around just fine in the simulator, but like most folks, I lock up when I actually fly the real thing. No more.

I’ve heard that one of the walls to actually learning is the fear of costs. I have yet to crash this one, and the only crash i’ve really had was on my HBK, and was an inside accident due to lack of space. I wouldn’t even call it a crash. Well, I plan on flying the hell out of this one this weekend. If i crash, I crash. Big deal. It costs little-to-nothing to replace the most-broken parts anyway, and waiting is part of the game.

Since I really don’t care if I crash it now, myabe I’ll be able to learn something. I just hope I don’t destroy it. lol


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