What to do now?

Well…not sure what to do now. I’ve gotten an offer for an interview from General Electric.

About a week ago, I was talking with a friend at work. He had gone to a seminar for the local wind farm. More specifically, a seminar fore the technicians that go UP into the towers to work on the motors. Yeah, 300ft doesn’t sound like much, but the basic qualifications are within my grasp. Hours of being up in the air (inside an enclosed tower), working on electronics…and from what I’ve heard from some of the employees (a few live next to me) they are hell-bent on safety. If the wind is too high, or the weather too bad, they don’t send us up.

As far as vertigo, I don’t know if I have it or not. I’ve been up in towers before. I’ve heard folks say that after about the third climb, you get used to it. But honestly, if it puts dinner on the table, and allows me to provide for the family, I’m pretty much willing to do any job, so i went to their website, put my information and uploaded my résumé.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from them saying that they have reviewed my résumé, and they were interested. They asked for times/dates to contact me for a telephone interview/screening. Today, I get another e-mail asking if I could come in for an actual interview if the telephone screening goes well.

What? I haven’t even done the telephone screening yet and thay’re already planning on having me come in?

Way to keep me optimistic GE! hehe


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