Heli Crash

Well…it was bound to happen. Although the means of it were not exactly my fault, I still feel somewhat responsible.

I was flying it from side to side, bringing it past me then up into a stall-turn, then back down to the other side, etc. After a few passes, I turned it away from me and out I went, into another stall turn. Well, it didn’t turn like it was supposed to.

On a heli like this, there are 3 servos in the rotor-head. One for front-back tilting of the swashplate (elevator), and 2 for side to side (aileron and pitch)…all 3 in a 120* spacing. When going front to back, the elevator does it’s thing, and the other 2 barely move, but in an opposite direction, in effect: tilting the swash. On a side to side movement, the elevator doesn’t move, but the 2 on the sides do, making the tilt for side-to-side movement.

Now, when I want the whole heli to go up and down rather than side-to-side or front-to-back, all 3 move up, or move down increasing or decreasing the pitch of the rotors. For a better explanation of this, go here: CCPM explanation

Well, when I went into the final stall turn, I reduced the pitch to keep the helicopter going straight up, but the Aileron servo didn’t change. It was stuck! The next thing I knew, it was twisting and tumbling around, and because I had no control over 1 servo, I had no control over the rotor head at all. It was doing what it wanted.

Need less to say, this is the result:

After it was all said and done, the electronics were still working. The aileron servo wasn’t. I swapped servo leads to check the radio, and the channel is still good. Just a bad servo.


One Response to “Heli Crash”

  1. I still have the Raptor 60 RTF for sell for $800. I’ve still not crashed yet! Knock on wood.

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