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Star Wars in less than 5 minutes

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I can’t remember where the hell I found these…


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Well, the time is close at hand. As of tonight, I am 57 days from my final-out of the Air Force. On November 21st, I will be on my first day of terminal leave, and actively searching a job in the OKC area. For now though, I’ve just been relaxing, enjoying work, and having fun at the r/c air field on the weekends. I’ve also been working on my resume, preparing my master application list, and list of references, but I’ve got everything ready just in case.

We’ve already gone through most of our junk and packed up what was needed (DVDs, games, books, etc.) The rest can be done by the movers. I didn’t realize that we had so much crap. LOL

Oh…word to those who don’t know… A voluntary separation from the military DOES NOT grant you 20 days of house-hunting. A retirement, involuntary separation (ie. kicked out) and a medical separation do. Something about how it’s my choice to separate, why should they give me 20 days to search for a new house and job. Asses.

Anthony has been doing good in the 1st grade. Bringing home homework like counting, reading, and drawing pictures of places he could meet friends, what his mommy and daddy do, and people he likes. He’s actually writing small sentences now too. :)

Lisa has put in her notice, and will be taking 2 weeks off at the end of October/first of November to pack everything and head up to Oklahoma with Anthony. She’ll complete her transfer when she gets up there and should have money rolling quite nicely by the time I get there 2 weeks later. In the meantime, I’ll be finishing the final paperwork, supervising the packing/pick up, and paying the final bills.

The new heli is quite nice! I had a bad 3-cell battery so I was using my underpowered ones until my new one came in. I puffed one to the edge of existence and thought I’d lost it, but the next morning it was back down to normal and charging nicely. Good thing they are only my test batteries now. The could never get the crappy stock wooden blades tracking correctly because the grip ends weren’t even, so I’ve got new Rotortech 350mm blades on order. Should be here tomorrow and this weekend will be a BLAST!

My Vista Experience

Posted in Computers / Tech on September 20, 2008 by camarojones

So far, the XPS 1530 has been a dream of a laptop. A summary of the goodies:

Core2 2.5GHz, 4GB Ram, nVidia 8600GT-M 256MB, 320GB HD, etc

I’ve had NO problems with any major part of it at all. There was a few small glitches the first week. The DVD drive would disappear on occasion…remedied by a sleep cycle; Oblivion would not start up…supposedly Bethesda says that it is not a “Games for Windows” product, so they don’t support it under Vista, however there’s been some MAJOR backlash to that, and now they are researching the issue…forced by Microsoft; and the Windows Experience Index fails to complete unless I log in as the administrator.

I’ve gone to and used their “99 Windows Vista Performance Tips and Tweaks” and so far it’s been much faster. Some of the tweaks weren’t for my version of Vista (Home Ultimate), and others did not apply, while others were questionable, and I’d rather not use them (disabling the User Account Control (UAC.) I liked them so much, that I went to my actual PC and applied them.

As far as folks saying that it doesn’t run certain programs, everything has been fixed, or is being fixed (Oblivion). For everything else, there is the “right-click, run as administrator” that works just fine. There also was an issue unzipping files, or copying large amounts of files…taking FOREVER to extract or copy, but I’ve not encountered that problem in a WHILE. Probably due to disabling the indexing service.

I still like XP and I’ll miss it, but for all it’s worth, I’m enjoying Vista.

AND by the way…

4780 3DMarks (06)

On its way!!

Posted in Radio Control on September 4, 2008 by camarojones

After a week of mourning for the loss, a new one is on the way!

This one is not really a 500 size, as those have rotor blades that are approx 540mm long. This one has 350mm blades, up from the 450 size of 310mm. It’s basically a stretched 450. A little more stable, and slightly less twitchy, but capable of all the 3d goodness..when I can get it down. :)

Considering that a servo issue is what caused my last crash, I ordered some better servos. Hitec HS-65s. They should be here tomorrow, and the heli should be here next week…just in time for my next free weekend!