My Vista Experience

So far, the XPS 1530 has been a dream of a laptop. A summary of the goodies:

Core2 2.5GHz, 4GB Ram, nVidia 8600GT-M 256MB, 320GB HD, etc

I’ve had NO problems with any major part of it at all. There was a few small glitches the first week. The DVD drive would disappear on occasion…remedied by a sleep cycle; Oblivion would not start up…supposedly Bethesda says that it is not a “Games for Windows” product, so they don’t support it under Vista, however there’s been some MAJOR backlash to that, and now they are researching the issue…forced by Microsoft; and the Windows Experience Index fails to complete unless I log in as the administrator.

I’ve gone to and used their “99 Windows Vista Performance Tips and Tweaks” and so far it’s been much faster. Some of the tweaks weren’t for my version of Vista (Home Ultimate), and others did not apply, while others were questionable, and I’d rather not use them (disabling the User Account Control (UAC.) I liked them so much, that I went to my actual PC and applied them.

As far as folks saying that it doesn’t run certain programs, everything has been fixed, or is being fixed (Oblivion). For everything else, there is the “right-click, run as administrator” that works just fine. There also was an issue unzipping files, or copying large amounts of files…taking FOREVER to extract or copy, but I’ve not encountered that problem in a WHILE. Probably due to disabling the indexing service.

I still like XP and I’ll miss it, but for all it’s worth, I’m enjoying Vista.

AND by the way…

4780 3DMarks (06)


One Response to “My Vista Experience”

  1. I do not like VISTA, not even a little.
    But then again, I hated XP.
    I didnt switch to XP until I had to…!!!

    I kill UAC every chance I get.
    (Are you sure you want to do what you told me to do…) LOL

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