Spore…nuff said!

I first saw an update on Spore only about 2 weeks ago. It was on dl.tv via our TiVo download service. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. I thought it looked like a good game. Start as a tiny 1-cell’ed creature, and evolve all the way to a Space-bearing being. Well…that’s how it sounds anyway. The game play…MUCH better!!!

The day I bought the game, I had just gotten off work…7am. I went to the store, picked it up, and did not move from my recliner for another 9 hours! That’s how good it is.

There isn’t really a story to tell, so there aren’t any spoilers…just experiences.

Cell stage. It was quite easy, and very quick. Just run around and eat stuff. Meat or plant parts. One extreme or the other. Only at the very end of this stage can you get a piece that allows you to eat both…and every time I’ve done this stage I missed it.

Creature stage. To me, the hardest part of the game. Basically you run around collecting new parts for yourself. You can get them by picking them up, befriending another species, or killing a species. Killing the species in effect makes them extinct. That’s the easy part. The hard part, is deciding what YOU want to look like. Your future appearance is dependent on how you progress this stage, and how you end it. After this stage, there are no more changes that you can do besides clothing/accessories. I screwed up my second guy into some really weird looking “thing” and ended up deleting him. That’s how bad it was.

Tribal stage. the objective is to make allies, or extinct another species. Either one gets you closer to the next stage. The point of it though, is that you are learning how to gather food, invent weapons/tools, and meet your neighbors. Once done, your species takes over the planet and you move on. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made friends, they disappear once you move on.

Civilization stage. The point of this one is 1 of 3 ideals. Military, Economic, or Religious. If you are Military, you conquer the other cities and make them yours. Economic…you trade with them until you buy them out. Religious…convert everyone to your religion. Here is where you have cars, trucks, boats, buildings, etc…you can choose to build them yourself, or use pre-existing ones (more on this later.) Once you have converted, bought, or conquered all of the cities, you move on to…

The Space stage! Similar to the Civilization stage, except you do quests to raise, or lower your faction with your neighbors. You can continue to make cars, buildings, etc…but not you can make space ships…and PLANETS! Yep. From a dead rock, you can terraform it to a luscious life-sustaining planet. You can also destroy existing planets (even with folks on it) by changing the conditions of the planet…heat, cold and atmosphere density. And once every 22 minutes you might be able destroy all the buildings on the planet…but it was because of how I progressed. This stage is BY FAR the longest…obviously because you have the ENTIRE GALAXY to meet other species, do quests, befriend or kill. The game never really ends here…Kind of like a MMO, or the Sims…you can go as long as you want.

OK…Internet…you’re going to need it to do the initial registration, but that’s all. Some folks have said that you need it to play, but you don’t. If you want to have your creations uploaded, and you also want to have the program download new ones from other people, you will. It does this automatically. When I got to the civilization stage, I found it easier to just use the pre-existing/downloaded buildings and vehicles, but for those that like creating everything they use…go for it. I’m sure I’ll get to that point in a few weeks.

The end progression depends on how you end your stage…the consequences…basically, when you end a stage in one of the 3 attributes (herbivore, omnivore, carnivore in cell stage for example), you have certain abilities that you gain during the next stages. Lets say you ended up as an omnivore in cell stage…this would give you a 20% discount on equipment in the Space stage.

Each stage has it consequences, and you can view them in detail here: http://spore.wikia.com/wiki/Consequence Each consequence also gives you a colored card, and depending on how may you have of each, you get 1 of 9 different abilities (or a 10th if you get no cards) You’ll even see the Gravitation Wave that I was talking about earlier…I was a scientist. With each stage having an affect on the future stages, I seriously doubt you’ll have any problems finding a way to play.

Well…I’ve typed enough…back to playing! :)

If you want my stuff, or just need a buddy, add me to your spore list!

camarojones is my screenname


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