Warning: This is not a toy!

OK…so I’m flying my heli out back, and doing just fine. Some kid decides to come up and get real close to get a better look. I decided he was a little too close and I pulled it up and away from him. While it’s up there he starts to come ask me questions about why I pulled it away…he was trying to look.

Yeah…another person that doesn’t realize how dangerous this is. How this is not a toy. I’ve flown this thing around for a while, but never had someone come up like that. “Oooh…what is this? Let’s touch it!” Touch it, and have a finger torn off!

The rotor head on my current heli spins at around 2750rpm on average. 775mm rotor diameter (30.51″). That puts the tip of the blades spinning at around 249mph! Now…these aren’t wooden blades. These are carbon fiber blades with a safety wire in the core that prevents the blades from being thrown off in case of a crash. A 1/32 piece of wire traveling at 249mph. Think that won’t take a finger off, or fracture a bone? Think again!

Most folks that happen to walk by think it’s a toy. Sorry, but they’re only toys when you run thru the yard with your heli over your head making rotor sounds! My son summed it up best, they ARE real, just smaller!

Anything that can draw blood, burn skin, break bones, explode, propel itself at speeds faster than you can run away from it, leave the ground on it’s own power or compel you to carry liability insurance on it cannot be considered a toy! Well, it can, but shouldn’t.

They say that a difference between a man and a boy, is the size of his toys. In that case, my truck is a toy. My motorcycle is a toy. My neighbors boat is a toy. And they can kill. Just because some folks think it’s a toy, doesn’t mean it is.


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