Presidential Elections

Obama or McCain. Which one am I going to vote for? Tough question for some…easy for me.

You see, the whole idea of a Presidential Election is to let the people vote for who they want to run the country. Is it a popular vote? No. It is an electoral vote. But first, what is an electoral vote?

According to Article II of the Constitution, the Electoral College consists of 538 popularly elected representatives (438 state representatives and 100 senators) who formally select the President and Vice President of the United States. Note that it says “elected representatives.” These representatives are who you voted for in your state election, and who others voted for in their respected states. They are the ones making the vote based on who people choose for the President.

Oklahoma, for example, has 7 votes they can give. If 51% of the population votes for 1 person, that person gets 7 votes towards their total. California has 55, Texas 34 and so on. This seems like a good system. The larger the state’s population, the more votes they can give. But there is a problem…

Let’s say that California is on the fence. 51% Obama, and 49% McCain. Obama would get all 55 votes. They don’t get split. Now lets add…Texas. Texas might be gung-ho for McCain, and it may look like 99% McCain and 1% Obama. Ok. McCain has 34. So now it’s 55 to 34…favor for Obama. But wait! What about the popular vote?

California has 36.5M people. (for simplicity, lets say they’re all registered voters and they vote.) Texas has 23.5M. The stats for the vote would look like this:


Looks like McCain should’ve won that one, wouldn’t you say? And there is the problem. (Obviously the votes won’t sway that much from one state to another, it’s just a way to look at it.)

Like the 2000 election between Bush and Gore, one candidate can have more actual votes than the other candidate, but still lose the election based on where the votes came from, and how many electoral votes they got. That’s a problem that needs to go away.

But anyway, back to the reason for this post.

Like I said earlier, the reason for all of this is to let people vote for who they want to be president. Many of us know that the Candidates will make promises of health care or lower taxes, and they will try to make their plans known for accomplishing this task. But they’ll also try to discredit their opponent. Personally, I could care less about this.

If McCain wants to roll his eyes, or make commercials about how he has been in a war and Obama hasn’t, or how Obama brings out the bad things that Sarah Palin has done…they can do it, but to me, it makes them look childish and immature, and they discredit themselves by doing so. I don’t care what YOU think about your opponent…I want to know what YOU are going to do for me.

IMHO, I believe this election has turned into a circus. Who do I want to vote for, the Devil or a Demon? Both are bad choices in my eyes, and I may express my right to vote by not voting for either of them. If that means I don’t vote, then I won’t vote. It’s the lesser of two evils here. Vote for someone I don’t believe in, or don’t vote at all. There isn’t really an Independent in this one…Ross Perot maybe? LOL

I do think that this election is one that will be remembered throughout history though. A black man for President, and a white woman for Vice. Definately something that I’ll be paying CLOSE attention to.


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