First real flight!!!

Today I had my first REAL flight of an R/C airplane.

Today was our R/C club’s fun-fly and swap-meet. It started about 8:30 this morning, and ended around 6pm. After my earlier post about wanting to go into airplanes, I jumped on an offered deal and bought my first airplane. It is a Hobbico Nexstar 46. The wingspan is around 6 feet, and it’s about 5 feet long…maybe less. It didn’t come with a receiver, so I pulled the one from my helicopter.

The first flight was a little weird. I was trying to get used to the aircraft, get it trimmed out…basically getting a feel for it. The person I bought it from stayed in control using the main transmitter and I was on a buddy box. He can hold a switch to let me control it, but if he senses anything wrong he can take control immediately.

My second flight was fun. One of our main club members was on the main transmitter, and he only controlled it during take-off and landing. I did do a few mock landings to get used to where to turn, how to manage the throttle, but I got uncomfortable after the third try so he landed it for me.

On my last flight, my trainer was confident enought to let me take off on my own, and after about 10 minutes I started the landing tries. He told me to go further out so that I had more time to line up and get my speed down. After my third try, I landed it. ALL BY MYSELF….from take off to landing…all mine! I think I know what WIlbur and Orville Wright felt when they flew for the first time. EXHILARATING!!!

Obviously I’m still new to the whole airplane-flying thing, but I’m sure after a few more flights on a buddy box, I’ll be good to go without it.

Now I just need to get my own support box (charger and starter) and fuel.


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