The move

moving_girlWell, I finished getting all the moving junk done. I actually left Abilene just shy of a week ago, and I’m already missing the place.

I’m not sure if I miss the house, the job, the area, or the friends. The only problem I’m having is finding a job. I’ve got my resume in at several places, and I’m looking at daily, and yesterday I found a listing for SEVERAL open aircraft electricians at Tinker. One application later and now I’m waiting on the call. I also found out that the VA has their disability application online now, so I went ahead and got it in. Hopefully they will have more luck in getting my medical records than I did. I went to pick them up/make copies, but they already put it into storage…or so they say.

Living with the in-laws isn’t so bad. Plenty of room, time and space to ourselves, and all they ask is helping around the house. Easy enough. With a little luck, I should have a job and new home by the new year.


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