Fun in the Big 12

ncf_a_eldridge_412Well…OU is in it for the Big 12 Championship. They are #2 in the BCS rankings under Alamaba. As far as the Big 12 championship, they are playing Missouri.

What? Missouri? They are 20th in the BCS rankings, and Texas is 3rd. Missouri is 4th in the Big 12 and Texas is 2nd (under OU). Why isn’t Texas playing OU for the championship? Just like the Civil War…it’s a North vs. South issue.

In the Big 12 south, which includes, OU, OSU, Texas, A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor, OU and Texas are 1st and 2nd. They can’t play one another. The north has Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Kansas State. Missouri won that division of the Big 12, so they play the leader of the south…Oklahoma.

Personally, I don’t agree with the north vs south. Its the Big 12…let it be a free for all. Let #1 and #2 play it out, or just let #1 be the Champion.

So…now that OU is playing Missouri for the Big 12…A win would put them in the BCS championship game…the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California. But against who is the question. It’s looking to be Alabama at the moment.

Mmmmm…sounds like a good game around the corner, but we’ll see…


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