Should I?

2wow-logo2800-med-1Well, It’s been several months since I’ve played WoW. Very soon after I quit, they changed all of the skills to match the upcoming expansion and new level cap. 2 weeks later, they released the expansion, and increased the level cap from 70 to 80…10 more levels of grinding.

The things that makes me want to play again:
– It was fun
– I miss the friends
– I had something to do when I was bored
– It is cheaper per month than buying a new game (or 2)

The things that make me want to stay away
– It is a time-sink
– More grinding
– It’s addicting

I tried to get some information about my account today, and for some reason my account is no longer available…wait…WHAT?!?!

I tried to retrieve my password. “Your account is no longer available, or your e-mail address is incorrect.” Umm…ok. My other e-mail. Same answer. …great. 7 characters, all in the outland, and 2 70s…lost. Okie dokie then.

Now I have 2 choices. Try to call blizz and have them reset my password/account manually, or quit WoW forever. I’m not going to level a new toon this late in the game, it’s just too much work now…speaking of which…

How can Blizzard expect folks to play now? It was one thing to have to get a character to 60. Wasn’t too hard, had some time requirement to play it, but it wasn’t that bad.

Then they went to 70 and added outlands. They lowered the XP needed from 20-60 to get folks to the outlands, but even then it still took an insane amount of XP to go from 60 to 61, then 9 more levels. OK. I’ve got my original toon and another to 70. (i still have 5 more in outlands and they’re all boring because of the same grind.) And now they’ve added levels to 80, with 1.2-MILLION xp required from 70-71…at least that’s what everyone tells me. It was a long enough grind to 70…no more. How can Blizzard expect folks to do it? Perks…that’s how.

Around the mid-point between the expansion of Outlands and the Lick King, Blizz added a “recruit-a-friend” feature. The point? Well, you invite your friend. You help your friend level (by power leveling ro joining them with a new toon). Once they are high level (over 60 or so within a month), they can grant you levels to any of your toons that are lower then them. You gave Blizz a new customer, and now that customer can give you levels. If they happen to make 70 within a month, they can give you levels to match. How about that?

Another perk was lowering the amount of xp needed from 20-70…again. The problem with this is that 90% of folks running a new toon is missing out on most of the content from the original game. The actual grouping for VanCleef or Zul’Farak, Maraudon…any of them. Onyxia’s lair is not longer ran (rarely now), URBS, MC…none of them are ran. It’s become a grind-fest to 70 to play the new content. Do the quests…get the xp…get to 80 to play with the rest of your friends now.

I’ve been in contact with several of my friends via my old guild forums, and since the expansion, about 1/3 of them quit. Get to 80, do the same thing. Quest, grind, take down a boss, and level a new toon. Over and over again.

So…what now? Even with all of this repetitiveness, I’d still love to play again. I would like to at least enjoy some of the new content…play the new Death Knight. But since my account is gone (it is…verified), I’m not doing this all again. Sorry Blizz….I’m out!


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