chromeWell, I’ve been trying out Chrome for a few days now. Not too bad.

I’ve gotten used to the speed of Firefox compared to Chrome, but supposedly Chrome is faster. More than likely, it’s because that I’ve been using Firefox since day 1 and my browsing history is quite large. Chrome on the other hand is a little bit slower because it’s having to load every single page and image…plus there is not an extension catalogue for it yet, and my Ad Block Plus inf Firefox takes out a TON of extra junk from the pages and therfore makes Firefox MUCH faster.

A few things that I like about Chrome:
-Independent tabs. No more crashing by the entire browser
-Incognito mode…for…stuff :)
-Better address bar/bar suggestions
-Tab separation (pull a tab off to separate window, then back…if needed)
-Task manager (for determining which page is botched up)
-No menu bar

A few things I dislike:
-No extensions/add-ons (Need my Ad Block Plus)
-No other Google integration
-No real themes to change (I like my NASA Dark Firefox)
-Weird handling of downloads (although I could get used to it)
-It’s still a tiny bit slow (even after 2 days of constant browsing)
-Limited options/settings

Over all, it’s about 50/50 for me. It works for most of my browsing, but every once in a while, it’ll render a page oddly, or it’ll crash a tab. Nothing serious, but it is a little different. About as different as it was going to Firefox years ago. Give it a few years and we’ll see how it works out in the browser wars.


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