Hoping for the best…planning for the worst.

lolcat_this_is_mah_jobWell, I had the opportunity to get in contact with one of my R/C friends here in OKC. He works for a company that creates/repairs robots that inspect turbine engines. On a note from him, they have a job opening for an electronics specialist!

I applied yesterday around 1 or 2pm, and at 930pm I received a notice from the HR manager for his company. THEY’RE INTERESTED! I’ve never had anyone reply to a resume submittal so quickly.

Well, today, I went to go visit him…you know…put a face to a name. I’ve known him almost a year, yet I’ve never met him. LOL Anyway, he gave me the run-down of what they do, where they go, and what position I’m applying for and I have to say, it’s not what I was expecting…it’s better. I would be in a position working with their equipment. But not just working with the equipment, but building it, repairing it…down to the COMPONENT LEVEL! Perfect! That’s what I joined the military for! Plus it has some good benefits.

Another perk of knowing this guy…he is selling his house in a few months! He just needs to finish his new place, and they’ll be out. Then he will have it appraised, and I’ll go file for a VA loan…as long as the wife likes it. Here’s a couple shots of the backyard in the meantime:



Now I just need to stop being unemployed (my current job), get this one, and get approved for the house. Well…after we get the wife’s approval first!


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