I can has Interview?

icanhascheezburger-interviewWell…today is the day.

It could a great day…or a bad one.

It could be an uplifting day…or a depressing one.

Only time will tell…

This morning I was called and told that I have an interview at 3pm today with a military-contracted company…the company I posted about yesterday. I wasn’t expecting the call or interview so quickly, but that’s not a bad thing.

I called my friend and asked him about the hiring process. He said that it is pretty straight forward, and if my interview was on Monday and all went well, I could possibly be starting as soon as the following week. Well…my interview is today instead of next week, so I wonder if I could start next week. Nah… Considering all the changes that would happen if I were hired, I would rather start the week after next anyway. It would kind of work out too…

My last military-paid day is the 11th of Dec…next Thursday. If I start work the following week, I wouldn’t even see much of a change. Same 2-week paydays…just a different paycheck.

Hopefully things will go well, and by this time next week I’ll be employed!

(Oh, by the way… Blizz found and recovered my WoW account! Now, how do I talk the wife into letting me play again. LOL – Meh…I hate gaming addiction!)


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