45-35…is that the only thing you have?

longhornsThat seems to the the only cry from Longhorn fans. 45 -35…the score of the game in which Texas beat OU. They think that because they beat us, they should’ve been the team to go against Missouri. Well…umm…ok

Lets break it down a bit.

Yes, Texas did beat OU…by 10 points. But they lost to Texas Tech…by 6 points. OU beat Tech by 44 points. If they want to get into a spread of points:
TX lost by 6, and won by 10…4 points.
OU lost by 10 and won by 44…34 points.
So, again, OU was ahead. But unfortunately the BCS is no longer graded by the amount of points in a win…

How about stats? (Up to, but not including the Big-12 game)
TX had 3694 passing/receiving yards with 34 touchdowns.
OU…4251 yards with 47 touchdowns.

TX had 2123 rushing yards with 32 touchdowns.
OU…2429 yards with 39 touchdowns.

Again…OU had more.

You know, folks complain about the BCS ranking system, and feel that Texas got cheated. I don’t agree. They lower in stats, and they lost to the wrong team at the wrong time. Had the losses been reversed, OU would probably been out on the sidelines and in the Fiesta Bowl. But to continue to say that Texas got screwed? C’mon…

Quit complaining, and admit that you lost. Hell…Texas is a GREAT team. They were the ones to de-throne USC after being an undefeated powerhouse for such a long time. They’ve been consistently in the top of all the polls. You obviously have the respect, now be a little humble and quit crying. Better luck next year!


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