Ship of the Line

Lately, while waiting on interviews and doing a little work around the house here, I’ve been reading a book.

If any of you are Star Trek: TNG Fans, you’ll probably remember an episode in season 5 called Cause and Effect. In this episode, the crew is trapped in a temporal loop. Each time the loop ends in the destruction of the ship caused by a collision with the U.S.S. Bozeman. It then continues to repeat several times until Data takes the correct course of action, and they are able to avoid the collision and the loop finally ends.

You may also be familiar with the movie First Contact…and the new Enterprise-E

Well, this book deals with both the episode and the movie. It’s called Ship of the Line.


This book deals with the Bozeman and her captain, Morgan Bateson (played by Kelsey Grammar in the TV episode), as well as the crew of the Enterprise-D/E.

It begins by telling a small bit of background of the Bozeman’s crew, and leads up to the incident in Cause and Effect (from the Bozeman’s point of view). It then goes forward in time a bit, and continues on, beginning just after the events of the Generations movie, but before First Contact.

There are the normal characters from TNG, but you also have the crew from the Bozeman, some Klingons, and a few members from TOS (remember the Dyson Sphere TNG episode? He’s in it too!)

Over all, this is a great book. I’ve finished it once, and I’m abotu 1/3 the way my second time. Looks like I might just have to buy a few more books to get my Star Trek fix…


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