imagesWell…the season has finally arrived. I’ve been waiting for it. I haven’t been sick…until now! It always happens. The sniffles, the sneezing, the crap. It’s finally gotten here. Oh well…time for more Tylenol.

Anyhoo…since I was upstairs taking a nap to relax from this gunk, I got a call…from my buddy at Wyle Labs. I’M HIRED!!!

Not asking questions, I found out that the 3rd potential hire didn’t work out. No need to ask more questions as it’s not my job. The only thing I needed to know was that i’m hired.

Not even 2 minutes later the employment agency called to let me know. I go in tomorrow to fill out the paperwork, then go to work on Monday.

What a great holiday it’s turning out to be! Now we just need to find a house.


One Response to “EMPLOYED!”

  1. Glad to hear it…!!!!

    The job that is, Sorry your sick…
    Hope your better now.

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