Not bad so far…

untitledWell, the 64-bit fun is actually going pretty good. I transferred my user folder and a few other small files to a seperate computer, and within 1 hour I was running my 64-bit Vista.

A few small things pop up here and there.

The 64-bit version of IE works quite well, but flash doesn’t support 64-bit browsers, so I end up using the 32-bit versions. There IS a 64-bit version of Firefox, but it’s not an actual supported product. The folks take a released version, then change the code/recompile the program to use the 64 bit code, then release it as Minefield (the codename for the “true” beta versions of Firefox). It works, but has bugs in it.

The computer recognized all of my RAM now…all 4GB. The 32 bit versions of Windows only recognize up to around 3.5GB depending on your configuration. With the increased memory available, and the fact that I’m using the 64-bit processor architecture, I’ve noticed that the computer doesn bog down near as much as it used to. 3-4 browser windows open with many tabs in each, several files, programs, etc. and no problems at all. I like the increased multitasking ability.

I haven’t found any programs that are blatantly slower or faster, but I do notice that many of my programs don’t have a 64-bit version. Some do though. Gimp has an experimental 64-bit version that is slightly slower than its 32-bit counterpart but just during loading, Paint.NET is running under 64-bits (any program that is NOT 64-bit shows a <program name.exe *32> under the task manager. As of this minute, AVG, Java, Firefox and Magic Disk are 32. Everything else is 64.

I’ve heard that HL2 and its episodes run in 64-bit, but I haven’t re-installed it yet to try…even though Steam is 32.

Other than the few minor differences, there isn’t many things to note. It runs just like it did.

If you are thinking of trying it, you WILL lose all data on the hard disk. The way 64-bit works is written differently than the 32-bit, and you can’t upgrade. It has to be a fresh install. Other than that, you just have to watch out for the 64-bit version of programs. If they’re there, give them a shot.


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