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Such a sad thing…

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It pains me to see such a nice model trashed….

4 little words….

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4 constants in life

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that there are 4 constants in life: Fantasy, Dreams, Theory and Reality.

In our fantasies, things happen that would never happen. It is the impossible. It is what we all think about to make ourselves better…the fantasy world. It works for movies and video games, but we know it will never happen that way, never in a million years.

Our dreams give us a hope, a wish that what we want or need could happen to make us, or someone else, happy. We can sit and daydream of a girl in school, or a promotion at work, and sometimes it might happen. It gives us a motivation to do the right thing to impress that girl, or make a positive impact on your boss to get that promotion. It is the driving force in most of our lives.

The theory is what should happen. When something goes wrong, following the directions or wisdom of our previous actions leads us to know what should happen. In theory, if we treat that girl right, or give the boss what is asked or more, we “should” get the girl or the job. Unfortunately it usually leads to…

The cold hard truth…and it hurts sometimes. In reality, nothing ever happens the way we expect. The girl slaps us and turns us down. We get demoted or fired. It’s reality. $hit happens. But sometimes it’s a good reality. Your perfect job opens up and you get it right away. Some unknown girl meets you at a party and 10 years later you have a great life and a perfect kid. It can go either way.

These constants are everywhere. We all have fantasies. We dream daily. We expect an outcome based on the theory. But reality is the end result. So if reality is the final answer, why are there the other 3?

Well…if everyone didn’t have fantasies, how would we enjoy entertainment? The perfect story? The princess’s rescue…the dragon-slayer…the superhero. We all know it can never happen, but we enjoy the stories nonetheless.

If we didn’t have dreams, would we ever get the courage to make the move and talk to that girl? It’s been shown via studies that dreams actually stimulates the brain. It is the unconscience expression of our true desires and fears. If they are there, it gives us an opportunity to act on those desires and fears.

Theory…”This slot machine has to pay out on the next one. It hasn’t paid out in 3 years. It has to.” In theory, it should. No explanation necessary. lol But what about an airplane. Before it was accepted to use a machine to fly through the air, some people believed that it was impossible. They tried many times with theories of how it should work. Most failed. But one succeeded, and led to the Boeing 747. People believed that it was impossible to get light from anything other than a candle. People tried based on theory and they failed. But one succeded. Put a tungsten wire inside a vacuum, and run electricity (another theory) through the wire. A lightbulb was born, and now we have LED lights (after new theories of course.) Without theories, we’d still be stuck impaling cattle with sticks to eat them. It is the reason we have Microwave ovens, and plasma televisions, and cell phones.

Reality is the end result, but without fantasies, dreams and theories, would life be worth living?

And I thought it was cold here….

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Although it’s been cold, I wish it would do this here once a year.

Game time

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college-oklahoma-extendedOK folks…here it is. Time to shut up the folks that say we’re just lucky. Time to shut up the folks who say we can’t break some jinx that I’ve not heard of. Time to shut up the folks and play some FOOTBALL!!!!

Enjoy the evening…I know I am!

The new phone hunt

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Well…I believe I’ve just found what I was looking for. The phone-news release was today at CES. I’m not calling it an iPhone killer…but definately a strong competitor.

The Palm Pre


I would refer the OS change as a change from Windows 95 to Mac OS X. It is that drastic of a change. If you know of Palm devices…you know that its OS is WAY overdue for a change. They knew that if their next phone failed…it would be the end of the company. I seriously doubt that it is the case now.

You can get updates to its Sprint release date here:

As far as updates, information and videos, just do a Google search for “Palm Pre”

No word on the cost yet, but since I’m in the market for a new phone…I’ll pay.


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vboxOK. So when I was on my Mac products a few years back, I used to run Windows 98 in a virtualization window using a program called Parallels Desktop. Since I’ve came back to Windows, I’ve been playing with Linux, and a few other rarely-known OSes, plus some of my older Windows varieties.

Up until now, it seems that VirtualPC was really my only option. It recently became a free product, but Microsoft added a few…tweaks…to it. For one, you cannot use a mouse in it until you load the VM Additions (windows drivers.) This means that if you manage to get another OS loaded into it, you can’t use the mouse. If you load another WIndows OS though, you aonly have to load the VM Additions and you’ve got a mouse. The second thing I dislike about it is that it takes a TON of work to get the newer Linux releases to even load up. The latest Linux kernel refuses to work properly under it.

Anyway, today I found a product that meets the needs of any OS I’ve thrown at it, and works flawless for me on all of them…plus it’s FREE!

Since I’ve gone to Vista 64, there has been very few programs that don’t run…and those need a 16-bit environment (I’m talking old classic games…Doom, Wolfenstein, etc.) So lately I’ve been loading up my old Windows 98SE and going to town on those programs. Well, I also wanted to run and try more linux programs, and since VirtualPC hated them, this new one fits the bill.

You can find it here:

Have fun!