vboxOK. So when I was on my Mac products a few years back, I used to run Windows 98 in a virtualization window using a program called Parallels Desktop. Since I’ve came back to Windows, I’ve been playing with Linux, and a few other rarely-known OSes, plus some of my older Windows varieties.

Up until now, it seems that VirtualPC was really my only option. It recently became a free product, but Microsoft added a few…tweaks…to it. For one, you cannot use a mouse in it until you load the VM Additions (windows drivers.) This means that if you manage to get another OS loaded into it, you can’t use the mouse. If you load another WIndows OS though, you aonly have to load the VM Additions and you’ve got a mouse. The second thing I dislike about it is that it takes a TON of work to get the newer Linux releases to even load up. The latest Linux kernel refuses to work properly under it.

Anyway, today I found a product that meets the needs of any OS I’ve thrown at it, and works flawless for me on all of them…plus it’s FREE!

Since I’ve gone to Vista 64, there has been very few programs that don’t run…and those need a 16-bit environment (I’m talking old classic games…Doom, Wolfenstein, etc.) So lately I’ve been loading up my old Windows 98SE and going to town on those programs. Well, I also wanted to run and try more linux programs, and since VirtualPC hated them, this new one fits the bill.

You can find it here:

Have fun!



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