1208007205_fb55b58e97Normally, I wouldn’t talk much about economics, and that includes tonight.

The job front has been going well…except for a recent issue that I’ve only now been able to relax over.

My last job, Wyle, turned out to be a no-go. I was doing good. All my coworkers were praising me for my inthusiasm, quick learning, work habits, but unfortunately for me, the boss wasn’t so impressed.

His 3 main rules that he based his employees on are: Attitude, Integrity, and Teamwork.

I had a great attitude towards the job. It included my 3 favorite things…electronics, mechanics and computers. I didnt have a problem at all with my attitude, and it took quite a bit to make me upset. Every once in a while I would get frustrated, but that only was because of my unfamiliarity with the system, and my impatience…I kept thinking that I should’ve picked it up quicker than I was…I was pushing myself too hard.

I had the intregity from my 11 years of military experience. Put me to work, and I do what was expected of me. I wouldn’t slack off, and I would act the was I was supposed to, even when noone was looking.

The teamwork was not a problem for me, nor for my coworkers. If they needed help, I would help thim without their asking. If I needed help, or didn’t understand something, I would gladly ask for their help. Here is where the boss didn’t agree, and to this day, I still have no direct answer from him.

My initial employment was meant to be a 90-day probationary period through a local temporary employment agency. Why, I have no idea. I applied directly with the company, I was interviewed by the company, and I was being hired by the company, but he decided to make me fill out the paperwork for the employment agency. I was now being hired by them, to work FOR Wyle. BS.

The next 3 months went by well. No problems other than the usual 45-day feedback where my strenghts and weakness are brought to light. No big deal. Changes made, press forward.

1 week and 1 day before my 90-days is up, I work my day, continue to learn, and I’ve already made plans to continue my work the following day. I get home from work, and I get a call from the temp agency. I’ve been released. WHAT?! How?! Why?!


They say it was because of my work performance. I call the shop. They’re stunned! I call my friend who is directly under the boss. He didn’t even know. He called the boss and was told that it was nobody’s decision but his own. Excuse me? (He told me that his production and floor supervisors are the hire/no-hire decision for him. They both liked me just fine and had already said they were saying “yes” to my hiring.) So he threw everyone out, and lets me go on his own accord. Fine.

I tried to call him. No answer. I asked my friend to find out why not? He tells my friend that it’s his decision only, and to drop it.

I called the temp agency to get more specific details. They said that it was my teamwork and not my job performance. Ok…so now they’re changing stories.

I called a few friends on the floor, and from what has happened, it seems that I had too much initiative…and that scared the boss. That was the feeling that they got from the boss on that next week.

Too much initiative? What am I, a drone? Am I supposed to blindly follow orders? Oh wait…he’s the type of manager that micromanages everything, and if he doesn’t tell you to do it, you don’t do it.

His story:

Joins the military, gets up in rank, but wants to manage things because he wants them run HIS way. So, he goes to officer school and become a low-ranking officer. Yet again, he is not in a management position. He backs down into the reserves, becomes a “Yes” man for 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks during the year, and uses his officer status to manage a civilian company. He is the type of manager that I can deal with, but I don’t like very much. He is the type of manager that has the book-smarts to know how things work theoretically, but cannot adapt the theories to follow changes in the environment.

I have been out of work for 2 weeks, and applied to the unemployment agency. They have declared me ineligible for benefits because I quit my job. WHAT?! QUIT?! They were told by the temp agency, that after I was notified, I did not call them back to see if they had work for my last week and 1 day. Therfore I quit. Umm…no. I did call them, and they said I was being released and had no further reason to contact them. My contract was terminated by Wyle, therfore I was FIRED and should be eligible for benefits. I’ve appealed it.

On a good note, I’ve got applications in with most of the aviation industry, and I’m in talks with Bell Helicopter out of Amarillo, and with a military-hire company based out of Dallas, and they have me in with a few more companies. Hopefully I’ll hear something this week.


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