Like most motorcycle riders may know…it’s not if you crash, it’s when.

Well, the same goes for radio control…and it happened this weekend.

The air was warm, the wind calm, and I was in a great mood.

I took off, flew around and generally had some good fun. I decided to bring it in for a touch and go then the wind decided to play a game and before I knew it I was in a tailwind with barely any airspeed.

I’ve flown here at my father-in-laws on quite a few occasions. Every time, I’ve given myself plenty of room to land incase of an abort. Well, this time the tailwind pushed me further down the field than I wanted to go and the engine quit. All at the same time.

Near the end of the landing area, is a small brush pile. You know, the country-style burning brush pile.

I found out that the plane is much less sturdy than it looks.

p_00088 It may only look like a broken wind and landing gear, but it was also the wing braces, the fuselage-wing mounting pads, and the entire tail. All broken, and ready for the trash.

A more experienced flyer/builder may have been able to salvage this plane, but I cannot.

The good thing, it that the engine and electronics are perfectly sound and work just fine. A basic ARF kit plane is going to set me back from $100 to $300, but all I have to do it put it together and start flying.


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