Wow…the “after military world” has really been a difference…especially since the economy went down the tubes. As of now, I’m a grocery stocker at Wal-Mart, and living with the in-laws. It’s not too bad though. We are at least able to pay for the bills, eat, sleep and enjoy some of the day. The wife got into home health care and she’s currently taking care of 3 VA guys. Not too bad for a good 40 hours a week, now I just need to hear something from the 3 govt jobs I applied to…that, and get the VA off their butts and complete my disability from my knee and shoulder surgeries.

Lately, I’ve been on my gaming kick again. Because of not having internet until tomorrow, I bought The Sims 3 and I have to say the game is EXCELLENT! They took away a lot of the problems, and added more stuff for your sim to do. That’s all I can say without spoiling the experience…go grab it for yourself.


Linux…what a wonderful OS. I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 and the changes they made really made the OS easier to use, and more enjoyable to play with. I had just installed WINE to try Sims 3, and I found a wonderful program called PlayOnLinux. Instead of paying for Cedega to help you with installing programs for WINE, this one is free of charge…like anything Linux should be. It’s a basic installation…sudo this and sudo that. It’s all explained on the above page.

When you first install the program and get it running, it will install WINE if you need it, and configure it for you. Then, via the ADD button, you can select which program you are installing. It will download teh necessary files/drivers/etc that it needs to properly run the product, then the installation begins. FOr me, The Sims 3 works without a hitch. It does have the usual slow-down from translation of code, but it works great. I highly suggest you give it a try if you want a better Windows product experience.

Other than that, there isn’t anything else going on. See you in a few more weeks!


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