How did this happen?

OK…so the wife and I went to bed early last night. I was waiting on storms to arrive, and she was reading. Out of curiosity, I decided to peek over her shoulder and start reading. I was hooked.

It was the 5th book in the Twilight series…or rather, its draft.

The draft was supposed to be a book, but someone leaked the unedited draft to the internet. In response to this the author, Stephanie Meyer, decided to go ahead and put it on her website, therefore we were reading it…legally.

I must stay, I haven’t even considered reading this series, but from because this book is basically the first book, but from a different person’s perspective, I was into it for some reason.

Needless to say, I am now reading the entire series. My wife had already bought all of the books, so I figured why not.

I’m not normally a reader. I prefer movies to books. But when a book makes it to movie form, I generally watch the movie to get the basic characters and storyline, then read the books to get the entire story. I did it with the Harry Potter series and was not disappointed.

I’m hoping that this series turns out just as well…for a guy who reads. :)


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