This is how that happened!

Well, yesterday I finished the Twilight Saga…all 4 books…5 including the unfinished draft. I’ve also seen the movie twice. Wow…

twilight saga

It does seem a bit like a romance, but there was enough action so that I was DEEPLY interested in the story. Needless to say, I was impressed with Stephanie Meyer’s writing style. Not quite Anne Rice, but definitely impressive…so much that I was more interested in this story than the Harry Potter story.

I realize now, the reason for my attraction to this story…vampiric romance. The fear of death, the desire for love. Just like in the Vampire Chronicals from Anne Rice, the desire for love/companionship, and the need to quench the thirst are the main components. But this one was different. It was good.

If you plan to try the Saga out, I recommend waiting to watch the movie until after you’ve read the first book. The movie did feel rushed, but after you read the book you’ll appreciate the movie more, and you’ll understand why they had to rush it…way too much story to fit into a 2-hour movie.


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