Career Fairs FTW!

job-interviewWell…tomorrow is going to be a busy day. There is a military recruitment fair in the city, and it seems that there are a TON of folks that are going to be there. I’ll be getting my stuff ready (suit/tie, resume, 30-second commercial, etc.) and hopefully I’ll be able to walk away grinning from ear to ear.

I also have a tour of the local Exxon/Mobile plant along with a possible interview later in the day. This plant seemed interested in my skills a few months ago, but they found out I was military and said “no”. Umm…isn’t that considered discrimination? Oh well…if they try it again, they’re HR department WILL be contacted along with the VA. There is NO reason for that.

Oh well…now is not the time to be doubting anything. Confidence is key, although I did get rejected from a couple of jobs for being over-qualified. lol

Guess I need to……..



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