The VA

After almost 7 months of waiting…I’ve got my VA disability rating! Ummm…20%. That’s it. They had 10% for my shoulder (although I can’t do manual labor anymore because of it) and 10% for my knee (although I can’t do major walking/standing anymore). They completely disregarded my hand numbness because there wasn’t anything in my military record about it. Let’s see…I have a good hand, have shoulder surgery, then my hand goes numb. That pretty much links the numbness to my shoulder surgery.

I contacted a VA lawyer already, and they said that it looks like a good case. I sent them a copy of all my paperwork and should hear something back in a few days. Until then, We’ll just have to deal with being shafted by the VA…like every other Vet.

I don’t really consider myself a vet though. Yes, I was in the military for 11 years, but compared to these guys from Vietnam or World War 2…We’re nothing. They died for our freedom, I just supported the planes that fly.

THEY are the HEROES…


The 4th of July is this weekend, and because of them and all those soldiers in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Bosnia, and all over the world that did, or DO put their lives on the line for our freedom…



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