Blackberry day 1

This is a post about my first impressions with the blackberry world and my new device.

Well, I got it home and was instantly overwhelmed. The display is BEAUTIFUL. The thing itself is sleek, and just about the size and weight of a deck of cards (just about half as thin.)

The phone is a bit odd compared to what I’m used to. When I answer a call, I feel a small lag in the OS from the time I press the button and the display changes. But it seems that it does answer instantly as far as the voice connection goes.

The internet is FAST! In Sprint’s 3G area, it pretty much downloads the whole page as soon as I select the link. Nice.

The camera works with a small bit of lag, but this is a camera phone…not a SLR. It also seems to process for about 5 seconds before displaying the capture, but once it does. WOW! Compared to my previous phones, this one has great pics…the kind I’m not ashamed to keep. (I might have a few examples up in a day or two)


The OS just became sluggish. OK…the OS keeps applications open if you hit the back or end key. I had almost every single application open before I found this out. I am now closing the applications when I’m done. I can deal with the lag to open or close, but I want everything else to be fast. Like Windows Mobile, it defaults to just minimizing your applications. I’ll see if I can change that somewhere. (Nope…can’t be done. Closing manually it is.)

A trick: hold the mute button to “lock” the device, then press to unlock. You can still answer the phone without unlocking. Nice. (It keeps the display off and locks the keys. Great for pockets!)

With Vista 64, the Desktop manager is EXTREMELY slow. I’m not sure what is going on, but I’m not the only one. It works, but I have to be extremely patient with it. Click and wait. The media transfer seems to work OK, but I prefer the “Folder” view rather than the “My Media” view. I like to keep my media libraries separate from everything else.

I did have a slight problem getting it to update the device, but it finally updated. Man these things take forever to boot up. A battery-pull causes it to fully boot up. Just turning it off puts it into some kind of standby mode. A quick 10sec boot and it was up, otherwise a full boot takes a couple of minutes. Yes…minutes.

I can choose ANY mp3 as a ringtone. Nice. I also transferred a 700MB xVid AVI file to it, using the desktop software to convert it as it saw fit. It converted the video to an mp4, and plays just great!

I also found out that there is a change to the sound profiles when you place the blackberry in the holster. Each profile has options that usually make it vibrate (or get louder) when in the holster. A little magnet in the holster (just under the spot for the trackball) makes it go to sleep (turning off the display and locking the keys) while in the holster. Quite the ingenious thing it is!

So far, I’ve had NO problems with it, and I’m finding that it is getting more comfortable to use as I play with it. I’ve taken to to help and learn. Great site if you like your blackberry.

I was also warned of the “push” nature of the device…and my sleeping. Unless I want to listen to the thing go off all night, I should put it into the PHONE ONLY profile when I go to bed. This profile only lets the phone ring, and silences everything else. Just need to remember to put it back to NORMAL when I wake up.

Sorry about the weird nature of this post. It’s late and I’m tired. I’ll have more up in a few days. :)


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  1. Great work buddy, keep it up.

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