Crackberry time!

sprint-curve8330Well…the time was right, and the pricing was even better.

Since I’ve been reading up on the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and Palm, I’ve found some interesting bits of information.

The iPhone has become more of a status symbol. One that says, “I have an iPhone. Look how cool I am.” I know folks with them that don’t act that way in the slightest, but the stereotype has already been applied. I don’t want a part of that, and I don’t want to spend the next 2 years browsing the largest app store looking for more and more useless applications. Plus I don’t like how much Apple has locked down the store. Plus, they’re locked to AT&T…another bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is sexy looking, and a wonderful device…it’s just not for me.

Windows Mobile is OLD. It’s still CE wrapped in a new skin, and in HTC’s case, a skin on a skin. My Dell Axim has a legally hacked ROM with 6.1 on it, and 6.5 is in the works, but it’s still the same, old, tired OS. Every time I play with my Axim, I get bored within minutes. Another OS that isn’t for me.

Android. It’s still new, but the hype has worn off. There are still bugs with it, and it’s still only on T-Mobile. It may eventually become a great and powerful OS for smartphones, just not right now.

The new Palm OS (WebOS). Now there is a nice OS. But yet another problem…it’s too new. I like being on the edge of technology, just not the bleeding edge. I like reading about future technologies and applications, but I want something that is stable and proven….which leads me to my purchase:

Blackberry. A Blackberry Curve 8330 to be precise. Research in Motion has been around since 1995 (as a 2-way pager), and gradually became a business communication device. Since then, they’ve put the whole instant communication thing on it’s head, and since texting, twittering, and blogging are things that keep me sane (plus they have a nice application catalog) I decided on the Curve. The Pre was my #1 choice, but it was too far out of my budget range. The Curve is on sale right now for $49 (plus $100 mail in rebate) and I bit.

I’ve heard great things about it, and even today it’s been a wonderful experience to mess with. We’ll just see how things work out over the next few days, and I’ll try to keep my opinions up to date.


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