Blackberry week 2

sprint-curve8330Wow…what a week it has been.

I had the chance to take my blackberry with me on a trip for an interview. Wow!!! I had instant e-mail notification between myself and the company I was being interviewed by, and along the way I also had the chance to use my GPS for fun.

I have 5 GPS programs installed: BBMaps (stock), Sprint Nav (stock), Google Maps, Blackstar, and GPSed.

-BBMaps and Sprint Nav are basically used to the same purpose…navigation.
Google Maps is a great program like it’s desktop/web equivalent, except it doesn’t recognize my GPS chip (8330m’s have a different chip that Google hasn’t fixed yet), so it only does vague locating for my position, but it’s great for finding stuff.
Blackstar is a simple program that has Geocaching tools.
GPSed is a free/pay program that in it’s free form, gives me a nice readout of my speed and coordinate location.

Other than playing with these all week, and browsing/texting/messaging/facebooking/twittering…the week has been pretty uneventful. The device works as advertised. My only problem thus far, has been trying to keep my hands off of it. :)

The only other programs I have installed have been ÜberTwitter and BerryWeather, with the latter being the only paid program so far. Both are excellent programs.

Now…what am I going to do this week….bah…back to the blackberry…


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