Backup Screen of Death

Bsod_ntNeedless to say, I’ve had some SERIOUS problems lately.

If you’ve been following me at all over the past few months…I’ve been hitting Vista, OSX, and Ubuntu. Well…over the past few weeks I’ve been having issues, and it all came to a head last night.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some odd problems in each OS, and I didn’t have a good storage partition set up yet. Yes I know…stupid rookie mistake. ALWAYS keep a backup partition, or external hiard drive handy for such an occasion.

Anyway, last night I tried to remove Ubuntu to make space for Vista’s backup files, but I made the mistake of not doing it from within Windows.

The “proper” way to remove a linux installation is to run the Windows disk from CD, and repair the Master Boot Record (mbr) so that the Linux bootloader is overwritten. Afterwards, Log into windows and use the Disk Management panel to remove/rename the linux partition and away you go. I didn’t do this…

I ended up removing the linux partitions and resizing using a LiveCD before fixing the mbr. Fail.

The Vista 32, 64 and Windows 7 disks could NOT find the broken Vista partition. Every bit of data lost. Music, pictures, videos, my scanned military records, VA stuff, resumes…all lost. That will be the LAST time I do crap like that.

If you are thinking of every reloading your computer, or trying a new OS…BACK UP!

From now on, 1/3 of my disk is for my main storage of documents, videos, pics, music, etc. I did this in the past, and for some odd reason I stopped doing it. Why? The world may never know…


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