Cellular city

imageOK, a few months back, I was in the blackberry world using a Curve 8330. I’d waited long enough for 5.0 to release, and my wife was due her upgrade, so I went to Sprint to see what was available.

ANDROID WAS HERE!! I’d completely forgotten. They had the Hero, and the Moment. Both were using 1.5, the Hero had Sense UI, but the Moment had a keyboard, an AMOLED display, and a faster processor. I chose the better hardware.

Over the next few months, I played with my device. It seems that Samsung has a hardware issue as this device goes into a CDMA lockup on occasion, warranting a reboot. Lately it’s gotten worse, probably from my constant data use.

About 3 weeks ago, the 2.1 software leaked to the SDX website, and like most nerds I tried it out. Besides having the same CDMA lockups, and losing tons of battery life, the system was really nice. Because of it being a leak, it was nowhere production ready, but the folks at SDX tweaked the ROM to allow somewhat better battery life, root access, and live wallpapers. But because the battery life was still nowhere near par, I decided to go back to a hacked 1.5 ROM that gives me almost a day of juice, root access and more options to play with. Now it runs very smoothly, but when it locks up I have to reboot several times.

2.1 should’ve been out months ago for this phone (after the 2.1 OS was released), but Sprint and Samsung have taken their time compiling it for this device. It will be the last Samsung android phone I buy.

Since I am due for my yearly upgrade, I plan to get the HTC EVO. They seem to take a little bit better care of their customer base, and at least the hardware works like it’s supposed to. More than I can say for Samsung.


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